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ROKIT INVIVO Premium, Printer Main Unit 3D BioPrinting

Part Number: INVIVO-P
by Rokit Healthcare
This product is not available for purchase online. Please contact a representative for more information.

3D BioPrinter ROKIT INVIVO Premium package

The INVIVO 3D BioPrinter by Rokit, uses the latest technologies for the 3D BioPrinting of Human Tissues and Organs as well as other applications within biomedical research. With a vast background in the 3D printing manufacturing landscape, Rokit has implemented all these technologies along with new to offer solutions required in the biomedical research landscape. The INVIVO 3D Printer was designed to deliver a high resolution product due to the flexibility and adaptation to use materials such as BioInks, BioPolymers and others, creating versatile 3D cellular structures using a great variety of materials. INVIVO provides an uncontaminated environment in a closed system thanks to the H14 grade HEPA filter for external air filtration and 253nm UV lamps for stage sterilisation.
A flexible and comprehensive software allows for extended customisation of settings, this in turn prepares the 3D BioPrinter to deliver refined high quality results.

INVIVO is a powerful and versatile biomedical research tool allowing infinite creative research inspiration. Unlike other BioPrinters INVIVO is an open platform where BioInks - previously developed by researchers - can be tested in experimentation.

For optimal convenience and according to needs, this modular system is offered in three options: Standard, Upgrade and Premium.

INVIVO 3D BioPrinting systems are ideal to be used in regenerative medicine, tissue engineering, biomedical engineering and biofabrication of living tissue, bone and organs.

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