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Bath, water 25L, with Pump, A-65ºC

Part Number: ZSXH-625
by Labwit

Waterbath with pump. 25L. A to +99.9°C

Water baths are diffusely useful in chemical industry, biology, pharmacy, environmental protection, hygiene and disease control, academies and other science research and producing areas. Labwit ® water baths combine unmatched reliability and durability delivering superior temperature control and uniformity.
Bath temperature is controlled to an accuracy of ±0.1°C by a P.I.D microprocessor controller for optimum, reproducible bath conditions. Dual thermostats provide optimum protection for your work and water bath.


• 25L tank volume with diffuser platform, temperature control from ambient - 99.9°C
• LCD digital controller provides a user-friendly interface.
• Circulating pumping system ensures highly uniformed temperature distribution
• Stainless steel hinged gable lid prevents uncontrolled heat dissipation
• Low water level alarm and non-volatile memory

Warranty: 18 Months

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