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Gloves nitrile extra large powder free Nitratex Ansell

Part Number: 4476
by Ansell
Product Meta Details
Material: Nitrile

Examination Gloves Nitrile Powder-Free Nitratex, X-Large

Micro-Touch® NitraTex® nitrile examination gloves are a suitable alternative to latex gloves. Their softer, nitrile formulation offers comfort and fit as well as high tear and chemical resistance.
Micro-Touch NitraTex are powder free and latex free nitrile examination gloves and are suitable for those suffering from a latex allergy.

Areas of Use:

• Labs
• Dental
• Sterilising departments
• General wards
• Scope cleaning (sleeve extenders available in polyethylene, vinyl or neoprene)

Special Features:

• Good chemotherapy drug resistance (FDA approved*)
• Improved softer, nitrile formulation for comfort and fit
• Powder free and latex free examination gloves
• Mild textured finish on fingers and palm for excellent grip
• High tear resistance
• Excellent resistance to a broad range of commonly used chemicals
• Silicone-free, ensures no delamination to contaminate test results
• Thiurams-free to reduce risk of contact dermatitis
• Ambidextrous gloves
• Layer pack for easier dispensing and reduction of waste
• Blue coloured nitrile glove for easy identification as a synthetic glove
• 240mm cuff length
• US FDA approved for handling chemotherapy drugs. Gloves used for protection against chemotherapy drugs must be selected specifically for the type of chemicals used. Review material safety data sheets for the chemicals being used to determine the required level of protection.

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