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PCR Plate, Clear Rigid. 96 wells, half skirt

Part Number: PCR-96-HS-AC-C
by Axygen Scientific

PCR Plate, Clear Rigid. 96 wells, Half Skirt

Axygen® automation-compatible PCR microplate features a rigid frame with a small split that sustains heat transferring during and post thermal cycling without distorting its shape. The polypropylene plate also features raised rims around the wells to provide tight sealing to minimize heat evaporation. Compatible with most major thermal cyclers, sequencers, and automation platforms, the plate provides optimal performance for downstream applications, including high throughput screening.

• Remains flat during and post thermal cycling
• Raised well rims help reduce heat evaporation
• Clear wells, visible grid for easy sample loading and tracking
• Ultra-thin and consistent wall thickness for easy and consistent heat transfer
• Suitable for standard and real-time PCR
• Single notch corner
• SBS footprint
• Manufactured from polypropylene
• RNase-/DNase-free
• Nonpyrogenic
• Nonsterile
• Compatible with major automation platforms, thermal cyclers, and sequencers

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