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Pipettte Biopette Digital, 10-200uL, 8-channel

Part Number: P3608-200
by Labnet

BioPette Digital,10 - 200µl, 8 - Channel

The Biopette E is a multifunctional pipette that is fully motorized, eliminating hand strain and allowing efficient multidispensing.
A high precision stepping motor controls piston action, resulting in exceptional accuracy and precision and minimal pipetting forces. Accuracy is further enhanced by a state-of-the-art microprocessor which controls the action of the stepping motor. The calibration of the unit is checked each time an operation is performed. The Biopette E features an adjustable tip ejector along with a universal tip shaft designed for compatability with a wide variety of manufacturers’ tips. The lower portion of the pipette is easily removed for autoclaving.

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