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Glove, MaxiDry Zero Freezer Glove to -30oC Large

Part Number: 56-451-9
by PLP

Glove, MaxiDry Zero Large (White)

The MaxiDry® Zero™ integrates the core values of the MaxiDry® brand to bring comfort and liquid repellence together and combine them with THERMtech® technology platform to offer thermal resistance inside with a coating designed for temperature up to -30°C.


• ThermTech® combines coating and seamless knitting technologies that impart thermal insulation properties to resist cold.
ATG® has in-house state of the art facilities to blend cold resistant yarns and fibres to produce products with high thermal insulation
properties, without sacrificing flexibility, dexterity, weight and comfort.

• OPTIMIZED GRIP - The Micro-Cup Non-Slip grip finish allows for a controlled and superior grip in wet and dry conditions.
The nonslip grip is only applied where it is actually needed - in the palm area - to ensure flexibility isn’t compromised.

• LIQUID REPELLENCE - Splash resistance to liquids is delivered through the LiquiTech® technology platform. Excellent resistance
to hydrocarbons and caustics. The MaxiDry® ZeroTM gloves are 100% waterproof coated.

• SUPER SOFT AND SUPER FLEXIBLE COATING - Providing ultimate flexibility even in extremely cold environments allowing you
to channel energy into the heating of rather than the moving of your hand.

CONNECTED WITH CARE - Insulation liner is bonded away from the flex and movement points of your hands i.e. knuckles, to ensure ultimate comfort.

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