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Snapshot for Biotrace Xcel/NG

Part Number: HG-SPXL1333
by Hygiena

Swab ATP Snapshot for Biotrace Meter

SnapShot is designed to help companies conducting ATP monitoring with a 3M™ or Bio-Trace™ luminometers reduce costs and achieve more accurate results. SnapShot works exactly the same as the test device it is replacing so there is no need to adjust Pass/Fail settings in the luminometer.


• Costs up to 50% less than Clean-Trace™ test devices
• Patented device design enables superior sample recovery
• Unique liquid-stable chemistry produces consistent results
• Sensitive to low levels of contamination
• More tolerant to temperature abuse and sanitizers
• SnapShot uses less materials and plastic than Clean-Trace™ devices
• 100% recyclable

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