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Path-Check Listeria Kit

Part Number: MGPATHL100
by Path-Check

Listeria Hygiene Pathogen Dectection kit

Path-Chek® Environmental Pathogen System

A range of swabs for the detection of Listeria from environmental surfaces.

Specially developed to be used in food manufacturing, PacificLab stocks a range of pre-moistened swabs for the detection of pathogenic bacteria from work surfaces or processing equipment and organism specific chromogenic growth media in which the swab is placed and then incubated: the Microgen Path-Chek Hygiene Swabs.


High levels of sensitivity (<1cfu per cm2) and specificity
• Compliant with the requirements of ISO 18593:2004 (E)
• Meets the requiremts of USDA/FSIS and us FDA testing methods
• Pre-moistened swabs increase recovery from wet and dry surfaces.
• Neutralises residual detergents and sanitising agents, preserving target microorganisms

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